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"She left fingerprints all over our hearts"

Our Mission:

To honor the memory of our sweet Ashley Kate by giving to, loving on and blessing hospitalized children.  We hope to share the joy that was felt in Ashley's Room by providing Pillow Pets and blankets to chronically ill children in Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

​Ashley Kate

briefly came into our lives and changed everyone who ever loved her.  This tiny girl without a voice had eyes that spoke volumes and a laughter that filtered into our souls. She lived each moment of her life without fear or worry or concern for her tomorrows. She fully embraced her world and everything in it.  We have learned to look at the world through Ashley's eyes and it has become a more beautiful place because she was in it.

We will never be the same...forever changed by our little girl who will be ...forever eight.

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